Research Direction:Edge Computing and Edge Intelligence



      With the advent of 5g era, the emerging network applications, such as remote driving, industrial Internet, smart home, etc., are increasingly demanding for transmission bandwidth and processing delay, while the traditional solutions can not effectively support the above application requirements. As a new technology, edge computing can sink computing power to the mobile end and the near end of the network, so as to build an intelligent distributed computing environment with high performance, low latency and high bandwidth. At present, it has become a hot research topic in the industry and academia at home and abroad. The research team is committed to carry out basic theory and application research in the field of edge computing and edge intelligence, focusing on a new edge computing system integrating cloud, edge and terminal capabilities. The research content includes the architecture of heterogeneous edge computing system, the performance theoretical analysis of edge computing system, the scheduling and control mechanism of multi-dimensional resources of edge computing, and edge intelligence oriented In the application of elastic computing technology, we strive to make a major breakthrough in the basic theory and algorithm of efficient edge computing, master the core key technology, and make our research in this field reach the international advanced level.

Projects Under Research:

Real Time Edge Intelligence 

Research Direction: Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Internet



      In the era of "industry 4.0", intelligent manufacturing, as the representative of the fourth industrial revolution in the future, is developing towards the seamless internet (Internet of things, data network and service Internet) of objects, data and services. The new generation of intelligent manufacturing is based on the new generation of AI system and technology driven, through intelligent planning, industrial big data, intelligent Internet of things and other technologies, to build intelligent factories and workshops, intelligent scheduling production planning and warehousing, and collect the required real-time data for dynamic intelligent decision-making. Intelligent manufacturing is also evolving towards distributed decision making and autonomous perception (machine learning, etc.). The research team has accumulated in the field of intelligent planning for many years, designed and implemented a model acquisition platform of human-computer hybrid intelligence in the field of planning, and applied it to the production system, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Projects Under Research:

Intelligent Manufacturing Platform based on Human-machine and Object Fusion

Research Direction: Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing Education



      Artificial intelligence and supercomputing are the strategic technologies leading the future development of  science and technology innovation. Major developed countries in the world regard the development of artificial intelligence and supercomputing technology as a major strategy to enhance national competitiveness and maintain national security, and accelerate the introduction of plans and policies. The project team has accumulated rich theoretical basis and application experience in artificial intelligence education and supercomputing education. By promoting the combination of artificial intelligence and intelligent education, promoting the development of artificial intelligence education and supercomputing education, promoting the transformation of educational concept and system innovation, promoting the reform of teaching and the improvement of teachers' quality, building a new batch of intelligent learning space, such as artificial intelligence and supercomputing learning practice platform and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, it provides future oriented and high-quality information environment and teaching experimental resources for students, promoting the popularization of artificial intelligence and supercomputing course teaching.

Projects Under Research:


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